Young Playwrights Residency Program

City Theatre’s Young Playwrights residency program is a comprehensive, dynamic approach to arts education serving teachers, students, and the Pittsburgh community. In the Young Playwrights model, a City Theatre Teaching Artist is paired with the Classroom Teacher–creating the Artistic Team for an exciting partnership that guides students through the playwriting process during classroom workshops.
Playwriting can be used in many ways–not only integrated into a language arts curriculum, but as a teaching tool to aid students in learning content material such as history, world cultures, science and math. Workshops can be individually tailors to each teacher’s classroom and curricular needs.
The workshops are student-centered, involving young people in hands-on activities that incorporate the class as a whole and stress the idea of an ensemble environment. Students engage with theatre techniques like improvisation and performance, in addition to writing and revising activities.

Are Young Playwrights residencies happening in the 2020-2021 school year?
This year, we’re making our residencies as flexible and accommodating as possible to ensure our ability to adapt as needed. Our teaching artist are preparing for online instruction in addition to their in-person classroom training. Since every school is operating differently, please contact Katie Trupiano at with specific questions in order to determine what options will work best for your students.
When would classroom visits take place?
In a typical year, the teaching artist makes several visits to the classroom beginning in mid-fall through the end of March. This year, Young Playwrights residencies are being adapted to be as flexible and accommodating as possible. Teaching artists will be equipped and prepared to work online if necessary. Specific scheduling of classroom visits is done in conjunction with the classroom teacher and according to school schedule, safety regulations and logistics.
What is expected of the classroom teacher?
The classroom teacher will be expected to communicate regularly with the teaching artist and set aside time for planning sessions to assess student progress and strategize for future workshops. Classroom teachers are expected to reinforce concepts and maintain consistency and flow between teaching artist visits.
What do Young Playwrights residency participants receive?
In-school or virtual playwriting workshops (total of 20 hours) with a City Theatre Teaching Artist.
A field trip (or recording) for your students to the Young Playwrights Festival (January 2020)
Please contact KT at for additional information.