Audience Invitation

An Invitation to Participate:

By walking through our doors, we invite you to join our community.

You are welcome here.

Part of our mission is to challenge and engage a diverse audience.

Feel free to laugh. To cry. To react honestly.

This is live theater.

Our artists are living and breathing right in front of you — They need your reactions, not your distractions.

Bring your full self, but please ensure your actions do not harm other audience members.

Please be an audience member that joins with others, that has compassion for the experiences of others.

We’re in the same space. At the same time. This Is community.

2020 taught us that community is a privilege. 2020 also reinforced that we need to do better.

Historically, theater has a culture of exclusivity.

Part of our anti-racism work at City Theatre is to break down barriers that limit access to art.

We ask you to join us in this imperative work.

We invite you to get to know our core values and to read our organizational code of conduct.

We want to hold ourselves accountable. If you have a negative experience in our space, we want to know.

There are multiple ways to call us in.

You can:

Speak to a house manager

Or any employee present with a City Theatre name tag

Email the staff EDIA committee at

We’re here. We’re listening. Let’s build a better community together.