CitySpeaks: A New Play Podcast

Pittsburgh City Theatre’s CitySpeaks podcast is all about how stage productions come together with stories from the people who know it best. Tune in for interviews with directors, designers, performers, and community members.

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Season 1

#14: Illah Nourbahksh, Professor of Ethics and Computational Technologies

#13 – Michael John Garces and James McManus, A New Community Building Endeavor

#12 – Martin Zimmerman and Tlaloc Rivas, Momentum Reading Series

#11 – Tony Ferrieri, Director of Production/Resident Scenic Designer

#10 – Shua Potter and Monteze Freeland, The Santaland Diaries

#9 – Dwayne Washington and Avery Glymph, One Night in Miami

#8 – Dominique Fawn Hill, One Night in Miami

#7 – Reginald L. Douglas, One Night In Miami

#6 – Josiah Gilliam of My Brother’s Keeper

#5 – Spencer Whale and Ava Weidensall of the EQT Young Playwrights Festival

#4 – Senon Williams

#3 – Lauren Yee

#2 – Marti Lyons

#1 – Marc Masterson