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what did you think you just heard me say?!

The Lillie Theatre
March 15 – March 24, 2024

— dancetheater productions created on internationally & nationally renowned performers over the age of 40.

what did you think you just heard me say?
a multi-disciplinary dancetheater work strategically created in an intimately-sized theater…for intimately sized audiences of 50 — up close and very personal. Sitting nearly on stage gives audiences the chance to feel part of the “conversation” rather than just “witnessing” it.

Are the words we hear just interpretations sifted through our personal sieves of experience, culture, gender, language? Is it possible to get beyond our immediate knee-jerk reactions and REALLY listen to what is being said? Is that even possible?

In a world that is continually growing in ways to communicate – via texts and IMs, Zooms and chats, Instagram and TikTok…we are literally saturated. Yet in the meantime, we have stopped listening, stopped hearing.

Known for mature, nuanced, and socially aware approach to tackling provocative subject matter, Corning once again promises not to disappoint. Employing theatrical visuals (imagine 7′ rolling mirrors & airborne text), with humor and poignancy Corning and her seasoned group of collaborators & performers will cruise, crash, and glides through the psychological and emotionals nooks & crannies of human (mis)communication…

“Wait, that’s not what I said!”

“Well, that’s what I heard!”