Ticket Donation Requests

Ticket Donation Requests artwork

City Theatre supports community efforts and nonprofit organizations by donating ticket vouchers for a variety of fundraising and benefit events. The typical donation is two vouchers.

Ticket voucher requests must be submitted by the first of the month to be processed within that month, and processing takes five business days. If your organization requests vouchers for an event on August 21, for example, then the request must be submitted by August 1. But, if your organization needs the vouchers by August 3, then the request must be submitted by July 1.

Vouchers are redeemable for tickets to main season productions during the current season, excluding Friday 8pm and Saturday 5:30pm performances, unless otherwise noted. Reservations must be made in advance of a performance, as seating is based on availability. Holders must present their vouchers to the City Theatre Box Office on the day/evening of the performance. Vouchers may not be used in exchange for a refund on previously purchased tickets or in combination with another offer. Vouchers are not redeemable for City Events and/or other special presentations.


Please complete this online form with all the necessary information.