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2022-2023 Season

5-Play Subscription Season 

Clyde’s by Lynn Nottage 

The Wanderers by Anna Ziegler 

What the Constitution Means to Me by Heidi Schreck 

Native Gardens by Karen Zacarias 

American Fast by Kareem Fahmy 


Plus, Special Events 


‘Til Death Do Us Part: Late Nite Catechism 3 by Maripat Donovan 


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by Lynn Nottage

September 24 – October 16, 2022 
Under the watchful eye of the titular character, Clyde’s follows the kitchen staff of a truck stop in a small PA town. Comprised of formerly incarcerated individuals, the staff come together to find fulfillment both in their lives and in creating the perfect sandwich. Layered with loveable characters, this show is “a genuinely funny and deeply emotional exploration of radical imagination, restorative justice, and the healing power of food” (Bon Appetit). 


by Anna Ziegler

November 26 – December 18, 2022  
Newly acquainted Orthodox Jews, Esther and Schmuli, have entered into an arranged marriage. Author Abe and movie star Julia have entered into a secret, flirtatious correspondence without their spouses’ knowledge. Swiveling between 1970s and present day, The Wanderers is a funny and mysterious new drama that puts a magnifying glass on the complications of love across generations and what it means to be happy. 


by Heidi Schreck

January 21 – February 12, 2023 
Playwright Heidi Schreck earned her college tuition and developed a deep love of the Constitution by winning debate competitions around the country as a teenager. All grown-up, her hilarious and optimistic new play reimagines how this living document served four different generations of women and what it will mean for the future of America. 


by Karen Zacarías

March 11 – April 2, 2023  
Expecting Latinx couple, Tania and Pablo, have just purchased their first home next to long-time D.C. residents (and Potomac Horticultural Society award seekers), Frank and Virginia. Cultures clash when Tania’s plan for a “native garden” disagrees with Frank’s perfectly pristine posies and a property line disagreement turns into an all-out border dispute. Karen Zacarias’s brilliant comedy exposes well-intentioned neighbors’ notions on race, class, morality, and privilege. 


by Kareem Fahmy

April 29 – May 21, 2023 

College basketball superstar Khady is about to carry her team through the NCAA Women’s Championships, but when March Madness coincides with Ramadan, Khady lies to her devout mother about holding her fast. When her mother goes public with the story of Khady’s devotion to both Ramadan and basketball, Khady finds herself the heroine of young Muslim women. Kareem Fahmy’s production questions family, faith, and what it means to win at all costs.