This year’s Young Playwrights Festival will be produced from October 24-November 3.

Student matinees will occur at 10am in the Lillie Theatre at City Theatre in Pittsburgh’s historic South Side.

Student matinee tickets are $8/person.

Please contact to order your tickets. 

The Middle School program (featuring “Change Is Challenging” by Bella Bischof, “Good Soup” by Maddie Koehler, and “The Silver Stamped Letters” by Tyler Dufalla) will occur on October 24, 26, 31 and November 2. 

The High School program (featuring “Of Birds and Worms” by Andrew Hall, “One Hell of An Intern” by Danielle Swearingen, and “Trolley” by Cherish Erb-White) will occur on October 25, 27, November 1 and 3. 

Public performances are open to anyone and will follow the following schedule: 

October 28 at 1pm: High School program 

October 28 at 6pm: Middle School program 

October 29 at 1pm: Middle School program 

October 29 at 6pm: High School program

Please visit our ticket page to purchase tickets to the public performances. 

On November 4, we will be presenting a staged reading of this year’s honorable mentions: “Bizarro Pizzaro” by Max Brown, “SAVE THEM” by Jonathan Pennybaker, and “The Devil Made Me Do It” by Brooke Reiter. These readings will happen at 2pm in the Lillie Theatre. The Honorable Mention readings are free and open to the public. 

For educators interested in sharing the festival with their students this fall, or for those who would like to learn more about bringing City Theatre’s Young Playwrights program to their classrooms, please contact Katie at