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January 2021, Directed by Monteze Freeland

City Theatre’s Young Playwrights Festival stages professional productions of three winning, one-act plays chosen from nearly 250 Young Playwrights Contest submissions.

  • Check back in November for more information about the Young Playwrights Festival.

Featured Plays

How to Not Fail AP World History with Just a Little Paranormal Assistance
by Elena Eiss
8th grade, Pittsburgh CAPA
High school is stressful enough: with family drama, impossible classes, and making new friends, the last thing a girl needs is to be haunted. Claire is failing AP World History, but has a chance to boost her grade by writing a paper about local history. Who better to ask than someone who was there?

A Banshee Wails
by Amelia Kovach
11th grade, Sharpsville HS
On a dark and stormy night at a cottage deep in the woods, Agatha, a young banshee, is about to make her first wail, signaling death to those nearby. An old music teacher hears talent in the Banshee’s cry, setting both their lives on a new path. Agatha fulfills her potential of becoming a renowned opera singer, but she’s unsure if she can deny what she was born to do.

by Rivers Leche
12th grade, Winchester Thurston
John, a coal miner born and raised in southwestern Pennsylvania, is deeply conflicted about the death of his abusive father. When his sister Christine, now a lawyer in Philadelphia, returns home to claim the siblings’ inheritance, it might just tear the family apart. Stuck on opposite ends of the political spectrum, will they be able to see eye to eye?

Honorable Mentions

Sweet and Sour
by Reyna Borrello
8th grade, Belle Vernon Middle School

Grand Visions
by Zoé Soteres
12th grade, Winchester Thurston

The Battle of the Exes
by Erin Brody
11th grade, Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School

Purple Ocean
by Sebastian Mueller
9th grade, Pittsburgh CAPA

Field Trips & Other Information

For more information about the Young Playwrights Festival, contact Katie Trupiano, at or by calling 412.431.4400 x225.