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EQT Young Playwrights Festival 


Directed by Spencer Whale

City Theatre’s EQT Young Playwrights Festival stages professional productions of six winning, one-act plays chosen from nearly 400 Young Playwrights Contest submissions.

Featured Middle School Plays

FLIGHT by Amelia Staresinic

Pittsburgh CAPA 6-12

Girls will be girls, but what if they dream of something more? Anne-Marie Price is a supposed to be a proper young lady, but she’s far more interested in the exploits of Amelia Earhart than she is in getting ready for her latest dance recital. Along with her best friend, James, Anne-Marie bucks tradition and looks to soar in this sweet coming of age tale.

LOVE AND LIGHTNING by Athena Iverson

Pittsburgh CAPA 6-12

Aphrodite is your typical teenager, who lives a nice life at home with her mom and older sister Coral, Too bad the gods have other plans for her, specifically Zeus, King of Mt. Olympus, who arrives on her doorstep to reveal her true heritage. You’d think being a goddess would be a breeze, but Aphrodite quickly realizes that life on Mt. Olypmus isn’t all it’s cracked up to me.  Soon she’s forced to choose between families and worlds in this mythic investigation of what makes a home.

WORDS by Ava Weidensall

J.E. Harrison Middle School

Miles King is an aspiring poet and advanced English Superstar who’s world is disrupted when Brady Jennings, a former middle school bully, suddenly transfers into his class. A heartwarming tale of growth, WORDS explores the age old question of whether or not people can truly change.

Cast & Creative Team


Jahir Christian

Robin Clement

Kristin Conrad

Emily Cooper

James Counihan

Kiah Harrington-Wymer

Gaby Kogut

Daniel Murphy

Brett Sullivan Santry

Ayne Terceira


Sasha Schwartz (Scenic)

Madison Hack (Costumes)

Greg Messmer (Lighting)

Angela Baughman (Sound)

Claire Landuyt (Stage Manager)

Weekend Performances

Open to the public

Saturday, October 26
1:00 PM      Middle School Performance
6:00 PM     High School Performance

Sunday, October 27
1:00 PM      High School Performance
6:00 PM     Middle School Performance

Saturday, November 2

2:00 PM  Honorable Mention Performance

Featured High School Plays

ALL HALLOW’S EVE  by Kelsey Geary

Derry Area High School

Delilah is about to get the surprise of her life. Ten years ago she escaped from the Otherworld, where it’s Halloween all the time. On her sixteenth birthday, she’s called back home by her father and caught up in the machinations of her Uncle Dracula’s claim for the throne. Accompanied by her two human best friends, Delilah must decide if she’s going to claim her birthright as queen or leave her family behind forever.

THE DECEMBER’S COLD by Polina Soldatova

Lakeview High School

A sweeping romance, The December’s Cold, chronicles the love between Annenkov Ivan Alexandrovich and Pauline Geuble, amidst the turmoil of Russia’s Decemberist Revolt of 1825. Can the pair survive revolution and the disapproval of Ivan’s aristocratic family? Only time will tell in this epic, historical drama.


 by Jordan Jackson

Fox Chapel Area High School

The year is 2043 and the Cardinal, America’s first A.I. president, has turned the world as we know it now upside down. When social media star Eve comes back to the country after many years living abroad, she is forced to confront this new world order and face her complicated family history in this thrilling battle between the past and future.

Ticket Pricing

Public Performances

Choose from Middle School or High School program; each includes three one-act plays.

$15.00 for adults
$10.00 for students

Student Matinees

Open to student groups only; not to the public

October 22, 24, 29 & 31 @ 10:00 AM
10:00 AM    Middle School Performances

October 23, 25, 30, & November 1 @ 10:00 AM
10:00 AM    High School Performances

Honorable Mentions

GINGER by Abigayle Arthurs

South Fayette High School

GROWTH by Isabella Voinchet

Hampton High School

JUST RIGHT by Caroline Lucas

North Allegheny High School

THE VOICE IN MY HEAD by Brooke Murawski

Mellon Middle School

Field Trips & Other Information

For student matinee tickets and more information about the Young Playwrights Festival, contact Katie Trupiano, at or by calling 412.431.4400 x225.