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For 49 years, City Theatre has remained one of the most beloved, impactful, and dynamic cultural organizations in Pittsburgh. From its nationally-recognized programming of contemporary plays to its work in the schools and community, City Theatre continues to reinvent itself. The largest performing arts organization located outside of the Cultural District, City Theatre is notable for both the excellence of its artists and art as well as an audience and donor base inspired by thoughtful and thought-provoking new work.

So why give?

New plays exist without the safety net of tradition. New plays are risky by their nature, but essential for a vibrant, diverse, and ever-evolving art-form. The titles are new – not just to Pittsburgh, but oftentimes the world – and the playwrights might be unknown (so far, at least). The themes and forms of the work found on stage can challenge convention or the status quo. And that’s what makes the work invigorating.

As one of very few “mid-size” arts organizations in Pittsburgh, City Theatre occupies a unique spot in the local cultural ecosystem. Big enough to serve a larger audience and meet the visions of its artists, but still agile and able to adapt quickly in ways that large institutions might not, City Theatre relies heavily on the generosity and philanthropy of its donors and funders. The organization is fueled by “grassroots” donors instead of large corporate or endowment-level gifts. And its donors are loyal, with a 90% retention rate – well above national averages.


Donating to City Theatre is easy – and impactful. There are numerous ways to which a contribution can be made. What’s more, as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization as designated by the IRS, your gift is tax-deductible as allowed by law!

Here are our favorite and most common donation options:

Click here to donate via your credit card, 24/7.

By Mail:
For just the cost of a First Class stamp, you can mail a check or money order, payable to “City Theatre,” to:
City Theatre
Attn: Development
1300 Bingham Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

By Phone:
Call (412) 431-4400 x227

When Purchasing Tickets:
When ordering tickets to attend plays at City Theatre, please consider “rounding up” your order with a donation. This can be done both online or over the phone. Each year, over $25,000 is donated to the Annual Fund from those purchasing tickets