COVID Safety



Throughout the pandemic, City Theatre has followed the recommendations of scientists and the regulations determined by local and national health authorities. It continues to work closely with the theatrical unions around their reopening guidelines for artists. Additionally, the organization has surveyed its patrons, held focus groups, and consulted with medical professionals to advise on the safest environment possible. City Theatre has participated in a cohort of over 25 local venues who are developing a shared “compact” to help guide a healthy return to indoor performances and will continue to work with other organizations to ensure a unified and consistent experience for audiences across Pittsburgh.
HVAC Improvements
City Theatre is undergoing facility improvements to ensure the safety and comfort of the public. This includes professional assessment and upgrades to the venue’s HVAC system.
Physical Space and Sanitation 
City Theatre is undergoing a lobby expansion project that will allow for greater physical space for guests while attending shows on Bingham Street, along with sanitizer stations, PPE, and other best practices.
City Theatre is committed to full transparency around its operations and will always meet or exceed the standards set by the CDC and health experts.
Patrons who have questions or suggestions regarding safety procedures at City Theatre are encouraged to email
More Information
Allegheny Health Department
Center for Disease Control 
PA Health Department