Auditions and Employment

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City Theatre Company 2022-2023 Season 
Equity Principal Auditions 
City Theatre Company 
Pittsburgh, PA 
LORT D; salary $739/week 
Co-Artistic Director: Marc Masterson  
Co-Artistic Director: Clare Drobot  
Co-Artistic Director: Monteze Freeland  
Managing Director: James McNeel 

Date: Friday, May 13, 2022 11am-7pm, Lunch Break 2pm-3pm, City Theatre Rehearsal Hall, 1300 Bingham Street, Pittsburgh, PA  
**Please note these EPAs are for performers in the greater Pittsburgh region. A separate call for submissions for NYC EPAs will be posted through McCorkle Casting. Only submit materials to this call if you are based in the greater Pittsburgh region. 

City Theatre is committed to diversity in all of its forms. We greatly encourage actors of all backgrounds to audition. 
Understudies will not be cast. Dates and programming subject to change. 
At time of employment, City Theatre is requiring all employees, artists, and volunteers to demonstrate proof of Covid-19 full vaccination as defined by the CDC and/or legally allowable exemptions. 
City Theatre will return to in-person Equity Principal auditions for performers based in the greater Pittsburgh region. To ensure performer safety, the following protocols will be in place: 

  • All attendees must remain masked, except for a performer’s audition. If comfortable, the performer may remove their mask during their audition.  
  • There should be 10′ of distance between the theater staff and the person auditioning. 
  • A separate waiting area will be provided for performers. While waiting, masks must remain on at all times.  
  • If a performer feels unwell on the day of the audition, they are asked to refrain from in-person auditions and submit a video audition instead. 
  • Any performer unable to attend in person auditions, may submit a video audition no later than 10am on Monday, May 16th, 2022. 

Auditions may be scheduled in advance by emailing Artistic Assistant Michelle Iglesias at with your name, cell phone, and desired audition time. All audition requests must be submitted 10am Thursday, May 12th. The theatre will see auditions for un-scheduled AEA members and non-equity performers on the day of auditions, if time allows. If a performer is unable to attend the in-person call, video submissions will be accepted. 

Performers should prepare a 3min contemporary comedic or dramatic monologue and bring a current headshot and resume to the audition.  

Please limit your video submission to 3 minutes maximum. Artists should prepare a contemporary monologue of their choosing. This time limit includes your slate (your name, name of play and character you will be performing). 
Please upload your video audition to YouTube as an unlisted video (Vimeo or similar video sharing sites that allow securely sharable links are also acceptable) and provide a link for viewing. Please do not share via WeTransfer, Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud or other file sharing platforms. 
Email submissions should be sent to and should include the video link, your contact information, and separate attachments of your headshot and resume. Video submissions are due by Monday, May 16th. 

Clyde’s by Lynn Nottage 
Director: Monteze Freeland 
First rehearsal August 30th  
Tech September 20th 
1st Preview September 24th  
Opening September 30th  
Closing October 16th  
CLYDE- Late 30’s – 50’s. Black woman. Great comedic chops. With a foul mouthed dominance she advertises that she is the only boss to hire incarcerated folks because she was incarcerated herself too. According to her the induvial that tried to hurt her is not “around” anymore. She does not believe in pity and presents herself with tight fitted dresses and a fiery attitude to complete the outfit.  
MONTRELLOUS- 40’s-late 50’s. Black man. Mindful. Served many years in prison. Elder figure and has a saintly presence to him. He is Zen like and kind to others but has some hints of pain in his eyes.  
RAFAEL- Mid-late 20’s. Latinx man. Formerly incarcerated. A romantic. Loves food. He held up a bank with a BB gun only because he wanted to buy a dog for his girlfriend but is huggable all at the same time.  
LETITIA- Mid-late 20’s. Black woman. Recently released from prison she is smart, sharp and heavily defensive. Sold a little addy and oxy on the side in her hay day. She is a single mother of a disabled child.  
JASON-Mid-twenties to early 30’s. White man. Working class. Funny. Served 8 years in prison and is covered with white supremacy tattoos. Although he has a rough exterior he transforms to someone new  

The Wanderers by Anna Ziegler 
Director: Colette Robert 
First rehearsal November 1st 
Tech November 20th  
Previews November 26th  
Opening December 2nd  
Closing December 18th  
ESTHER-mid-20s-early 30s; female. Orthodox Jewish. At first, she feels young, impressionable, eager and yet no-nonsense too. She dreams of exploring the world outside of her immediate faith and community. 
SCHMULI-30s –formal, not totally comfortable in his skin, also Orthodox; should have the capacity for deep, surprising emotion; he is a deeply gentle person. Schmuli is committed to his faith and marriage. He is a devout follower and is uncomfortable with challenging morals or authority.  
ABE–mid 30s-early 40s; male, Caucasian, Jewish. An intellectual who knows he’s an intellectual, enjoys seducing with language, a bit pretentious but charming and not without humor and self-awareness/self-deprecation. He feels this sense of forbidden attraction to Julia and can’t pull away from the ego boost it gives him. 
SOPHIE–mid 30s-early 40s, female; half Caucasian/Jewish and half African-American. Abe’s wife, dry and intelligent and world-weary. She has put her husband and children’s needs ahead of her own and is looking to find her voice. 
JULIA CHEEVER –mid 30s -early 40s –a movie star with an abundance of outward charm and confidence and an easy laugh; she is poised and polished, but vulnerability creeps in on occasion. She is a high profile celebrity that is taken with Abe’s personality she is flirty and is not afraid to show interest in subtle ways.  

What the Constitution Means to Me by Heidi Schreck 
Director: Marc Masterson 
First rehearsal December 28th 
Tech January 17th 
Opening January 21st  
Previews January 27th  
Closing February 12th  
HEIDI- Middle aged woman. Funny and bold storyteller. Exuberant and charismatic debater fighting for change. Her passion shines through with every word that is uttered. She places importance on fighting for what is right and takes a strong stance on equality while reminiscing on her past.   
MIKE/LEGIONNAIRE- The quirky moderator of the debate. Largely silent, unsmiling presence and watchful he is stoic but is supportive of what the debaters are expressing.  

Native Gardens by Karen Zacarias 
Director: Marc Masterson 
First rehearsal February 14th  
Tech March 5th 
Previews March 11th  
Opening March 17th  
Closing April 2nd  
TANIA DEL VALLE- early 30’s; Mexican-American woman; smart, likable, positive, passionate, highly-energized, pregnant PHD candidate and gardener in the thick of identity experiments for her doctoral dissertation in anthropology. She is truly fighting for American dream and finally achieves it with the purchase of their home and is so enthusiastic about this fixer upper.  
PABLO DEL VALLE- early 30’s; Chilean man; smart, likeable, ambitious. Pablo is a lawyer with dreams of making partner at his new firm—an ambition that gives him the idea of inviting his entire 60-person firm to their not-yet-fixed-up fixer upper. He is a supportive and extremely loving husband to Tania and has normal fears/dreams of being a first-time Dad.  
VIRGINA BUTLEY- sixty to mid-seventies; white woman; smart, likable, assertive, direct, no-nonsense engineer. Her and her husband (Frank) have been living alone in this house for decades since their son moved out.  
FRANK BUTLEY- sixty to mid-seventies; white man, smart, likable, excitable, caring, detail-oriented federal employee and gardener. He hopes that his perfectly executed garden will rid him of his chronic stress and win him an award from Potomac Horticultural Society. 

American Fast by Kareem Fahmy  
Director: TBD 
First rehearsal April 4th  
Tech April 24th 
Previews April 29th  
Opening May 3rd  
Closing May 21st  
KHADY-[pronounced “Katie”]—A 21-year-old Middle Eastern American woman. A college senior. A point guard on her school’s Division 1 basketball team.  Headstrong and enjoys the spotlight, but caught between duty to her family and winning on her terms. 
GABE—A 20-year-old Black man. A college junior. A forward on his school’s Division 1 basketball team and Khady’s super supportive boyfriend. He is kind and loving but has gotten fed up with Khady’s inconsistencies and lies but tries to help while she cracks under pressure.  
COACH—A Black woman, 40s. The passionate coach of the women’s basketball team and a former player herself. She is Khady’s mentor, cheerleader, and toughest critic. She pushes Khady to be the best because she knows what she is capable of.  
SUZAN [pronounced “Suzanne”] —Middle Eastern woman, late 40s. Khady’s mother. She was born in Egypt, so she speaks with an accent. She is devoutly Muslim but does not wear a headscarf. She has a deep love for Khady and holds her to a high standard. Tough, but caring, she has immense pride in her daughter.