City Theatre Company 2015-2016 Season Equity Principal Auditions


by Conor McPherson

Directed by Tracy Brigden

Tommy has made a mess of things: he’s living low in Dublin, just getting by on odd jobs, and doing his best to avoid his wife and kids. But when he rescues a mysterious woman, an escape out of the squalor is possible—if only they can shake their checkered pasts. This award-winning play from the author of The Seafarer (City 2008-09) ripples with humor and heart and wrestles with the complicated task of being human.

First rehearsal: Tuesday, September 15
Tech: Tuesday, October 6 – Friday, October 9
Previews: Saturday, October 10 – Thursday, October 15
Opening: Friday, October 16
Closing: Sunday, November 1


Tommy – Male, 40’s-50’s, middle-aged and well worn. A vulnerable, kindhearted guy, Tommy lives off odd jobs, petty crimes, and loneliness. He has dreams of moving out of Dublin and is hustling his way towards a better, more stable life.

Maurice – Male, 70’s, owns the ramshackle house where the play takes place. Recently widowed, he still blames himself for his wife’s unexpected death and is afraid of dying himself. Equal parts curmudgeon and caring, Maurice is understandably suspicious of Tommy and worried about the state of his home.

Aimee – Female, 20’s, skinny and well worn. Works as a sort-of prostitute while dreaming of a better life free of violence, loneliness, and squalor. She has almost lost the energy to go on, but still manages to muster a smile and offer a joke.

Doc – Male, 40’s, longtime friend and co-conspirator of Tommy. Doc is wholeheartedly loyal and takes great pride in his relationship with Tommy. A bit daft, Doc always seems a beat behind everyone else.

Kenneth – Male, 30’s. Aimee’s ex- boyfriend, he is fiercely jealous and controlling. He is volatile, powerful, and dangerous.



by Dominique Morisseau

Directed by Jade King Carroll

For Nina, it’s easy to be hard. She’s a smart and sexy hustler who has rejected everything her parents fought for in the black liberation movement.  When her estranged father wants to reconcile—but then tries to run a hustle of his own—negotiating her past and present becomes a revolutionary act.  From one of the most exciting young voices in the American theatre, this dynamic new play about fathers and daughters sears with wit and wisdom and the brutal politics of freedom.

First rehearsal: Tuesday, October 13
Tech: Tuesday, November 3 – Friday, November 6
Previews: Saturday, November 7 – Thursday, November 12
Opening: Friday, November 13
Closing: Sunday, December 13


NINA – Female, 20’s, African-American, beautiful, passionate, fierce. Wise-beyond her years, Nina is determined to forget her past and forge a better life for herself. Smart, shrewd, and sexy, her proud demeanor masks a fragile heart.

DAMON – Male, 20’s, African-American, Nina’s boyfriend. A fast-talking, cunning hustler with a heart, Damon has dreams of a better life. He is proud, hardworking, and intensely street-smart.

KENYATTA SHAKUR – Male, 50’s, African-American, Nina’s father, strong-willed yet loving. A fabled leader of a black-power underground movement in the 1960s, Kenyatta has been recently released from jail and is desperately trying to reconnect with his daughter by any means necessary.



by Keith Reddin

Directed by Tracy Brigden

At the height of the Cold War, German rocket scientist Arthur Rudolph was instrumental in helping America win the Space Race. But when he is forced to confront his dark Nazi history, Rudolph and his wife are cast out of the country he has diligently served for nearly 40 years. Written by award-winning author and City Theatre favorite Keith Reddin (Human Error, The Missionary Position), this time-bending world premiere explores the untold (and true) story of “Operation Paperclip” and questions the cost of burying the past in pursuit of the future.

First rehearsal: Tuesday, December 29
Tech: Tuesday, January 19 – Friday, January 22
Previews: Saturday, January 23 – Thursday, January 28
Opening: Friday, January 29
Closing: Sunday, February 14


ARTHUR RUDOLPH – Male, 40’s to portray character from age 20’s-80’s. Esteemed scientist, hardworking, determined, focused, a gentleman. Proud of his work and family. Fearing his demise, but not going down without a fight.

MARTA – Female, 40’s to portray character from 20’s-80’s. Arthur’s wife. Loyal and loving at her core, but forceful and strong-minded.

MARIANNE – Female, early 30’s to portray character from teens-50’s. Arthur’s daughter. Kindhearted, strong-willed, independent thinker. Believes in justice and will fight for what is right even if it defies her father.

DAVIS – Male, 30’s-40’s, US State Department official investigating Arthur in 1984. Smart and determined, Davis a good heart and strong moral compass that leads him to fight for the truth at any cost.

TURNER – Male, 40’s-50’s to portray character from age 40’s-60’s. US State Department official investigating Arthur. Cunning, iron-willed, and stands tall in his power. Turner is eager to succeed and win for both personal and political gain. Actor also plays VON BRAUN.

VON BRAUN – Male, 40’s-50’s to portray character from age 40’s-60’s. Renowned German scientist who recruits Arthur to work for him. Proud, cut-throat, and slightly egotistical, Von Braun is fiercely eager to succeed and takes great pride in his skill. Actor also plays TURNER.



by Laura Eason

Directed by Jenn Thompson

When 40 (ish) Olivia, a talented but unrecognized novelist, gets snowbound at a writers’ retreat with 20-something Ethan, superstar sexcapade blogger and king of the Twitterverse, the chemistry is hot and the sex electric. But if each desires what the other has, and online and offline personas meet, how strong is the connection? This sensuous and provocative comedy about fame, cyber identity, and big ambitions asks: what would you do, and who would you become, to get what you want?

First rehearsal: Tuesday, February 16
Tech: Tuesday, March 8 – Friday, March 11
Preview: Saturday, March 12 – Thursday, March 17
Opening: Friday, March 18
Closing: Sunday, April 3


ETHAN – Male, late 20’s, ambitious, cunning, and successful blogger. Very attractive and effortlessly charming, Ethan has become accustomed to women being instantly attracted to him and relishes in his sexual prowess. He has found quick success, but longs to be taken more seriously for his craft and hard work. Olivia awakens Ethan’s inner romantic and gives way to a gentler, sweeter side.

OLIVIA – Female, early 40’s, fiercely intelligent and independent. An author with limited success, Olivia also works as a teacher and dreams of being more successful in her craft. Olivia’s lack of confidence with men belies her attractive personality and sensuality. Ethan awakens Olivia’s ambition and sexuality.




by Anna Ziegler

Directed by Tracy Brigden

Played out under the bright lights of the U.S. Open semifinals, The Last Match is a battle for the ages. Rising Russian star Sergei Sergeyev is pitted against American great Tim Porter in an epic showdown that follows two tennis titans through pivotal moments in their lives both on-and-off the court. Anna Ziegler’s gripping, fast-paced story captures the intense world of competitive sports—and human rivalry—in the ultimate clash where only one champion will prevail.

First rehearsal: Tuesday, March 15
Tech: Tuesday, April 5 – Friday, April 8
Preview: Saturday, April 9 – Thursday, April 14
Opening: Friday, April 15
Closing: Sunday, May 15


TIM – Male, mid-30’s, professional tennis player, American. A star facing the end of his career, Tim is determined to win the match and prove stronger than any obstacle he faces. Hardworking, passionate, a touch egotistical, and undeniably successful. A caring husband and father who sometimes chooses career over his family responsibilities.

SERGEI – Male, mid-20’s, professional tennis player, Russian. A rising superstar with dreams of being the best, Sergei is ambitious, passionate, and has a confident swagger. In love with Galina and respects her belief in him. Takes great pride in his family and relationship.

MALLORY – Female, mid-30’s, Tim’s wife and former trainer, American. An all-American girl with a big heart. Supportive and caring, she wants Tim to succeed both on and off the court. Has an inner strength that allows her to overcome life’s hardships with a smile.

GALINA – Female, mid/late 20’s, Sergei’s girlfriend, Russian. Fiery, sensual, fiercely loyal and determined, pushes Sergei to succeed at any cost. Galina takes great pride in her family, heritage, and in being Sergei’s partner and confidant.